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What is a temporary email address?

A temporary (a.k.a disposable) email address is an address that you can setup instantly and access from any device with a modern web browser. Emails that are sent to this address will be stored for up to 24 hours before being permanently deleted.

Why use a temporary email address?

There are many reasons why temporary disposable email addresses can be useful.
  • Many websites require an email address when you register an account. if you do not fully trust the website, it is best not to provide them with your "real" primary email address. With a temporary disposable email address, you can avoid having to provide your real address, meaning that any spam that these websites might send will go to your temporary address rather than your real address.
  • A temporary email address can be used anywhere an email address is required to access content. This can include email lists, message forums, website registrations, etc.
  • QA Testing: It is common for developers to use temporary email addresses when testing such things as user registration, or other email related functionality. Disposable email addresses can be setup instantly and deleted just as quickly.
  • Temporary disposable email addresses are not connected in any way to your "real" primary email address. We don't require you to register in order to use our public shared addresses.

Other things to know...

  • For security reasons, does not display attachments that are attached to an email. We do not block the email entirely, we only block attachments.
  • As with any other email, it's important to exercise caution when clicking links within an email if you do not know, or trust, the sender.
  • Our free addresses are "shared" addresses. This means that anyone can add any address to their list of inboxes and access all emails sent to that address. We have a premium service coming soon which will allow you to create your own private addresses that only you will have access to.
  • Some websites block addresses from temporary email services like ours. If a website blocks an address, please consider signing up for our premium service (COMING SOON). This will allow you to create your own address where you control how long to keep the email, and your emails will only be accessible by you. Other websites won't block our premium addresses.